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Taharrush Jama’i’ – A Game Not To Be Played!


Playing games are such innocent enjoyment that kids do, but since when did adults started to do such horrifying things and calling it a Game?
‘TAHARRUSH JAMA’I’ – An Arabic expression which means ‘Aggregate Sexual Harassment’.
Attacking women openly in large crowd, molesting, groping and hurting women in public while stopping anyone who tries to help, they act as if they are helping but they are just trying to get close to the victim to get pleasure for themselves. How can anyone get pleasure out of this, it is a shameful act on humanity.
what is happening in this world ?where is all the honour gone? Who is responsible for it? What is the verdict by the government, are they taking any action on it? These are the questions everyone wants to know.
How This Game ‘Taharrush jama‘i’ is Played?

gang rape
They make three circles of men surrounding a woman. The inner circle of men does the most damage to the victim. Second circle of men are continuously pushing their way into the first circle to enjoy the disgusting pleasure themselves. Men who are at the outer most circles distract the rest of the crowd from the act. What’s more, one or two men are given the position of “endeavoring” to spare the casualty.
This “diversion” incorporates viciousness, grabbing, advanced (utilizing fingers) assault, beating, gnawing, and on occasion penile penetrative assault of the casualty. The diversion misleads any lady regardless of their age, station or religion at couple of occurrences, casualties say that culprits grabbed them while saying ‘Don’t stress.’
The assailants, while performing this primitive deadly amusement likewise are heard saying, “Don’t be perplexed; I’m securing you,” or “you are just like my sister and don’t be apprehensive.
Action against the culprits:
During 2013, the ruling party of Egypt said that women participating in any rallies were personally responsible for such incidents. And they are at their own risks.
As the wrongdoing includes a huge measure of attackers, it got to be troublesome for police to perceive the assaulter and that can likewise hazard their own particular lives. Such violations are conferred by gatherings of young fellows in hundreds amid substantial social affairs purposely to stay away from the security, as powers wouldn’t charge upon the innocents. In the late German assault, offenders were gotten and each of the 19 was middle-east displaced people.
And now this game is spreading towards Europe, should we wait for it to contaminate the whole world? Or should we do something about it?

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