A senior official of JAZZ while talking to the editor of Brands Magazine, this morning, unveiled the inside story of the telecommunication giant’s sudden departure from the official partnership of Hum Style Awards 2016.

He said that, as per their deal, they had been promised a lot of things from HUM Network; when in actual the channel didn’t manage to fulfill them.

While revealing the mentioned; he claimed, “We were particular for all the sponsorship and the integrations we extend. HUM Network made a lot of commitments with us, but didn’t fulfill despite of our continuous requests.”

“It was supposed to be something of the level of luxury style or even bigger in stature. But with their current plan we are not sure if they will be able to pull off a show of good level; and we wanted nothing less than the best.”

Being a journalist and an editor at a corporate and youth based magazine – Brands  leading Fashion and lifestyle Magazine – FHM Pakistan, adhering to the rules of journalism the statement that reached us through the proper channel out of JAZZ has been posted without disclosing the name of the senior official. Nonetheless, we have written proofs verifying the claim.

As I have been watching HUM Awards for many years, it is seen that they have always lived up to the viewers’ expectations by providing what they claim. This news has been going digitally viral, since yesterday; however, I personally feel that be it Q-Mobile or JAZZ; HUM Style Awards 2016 will continue the legacy of giving their best.

Best of Luck HUM Network and team! 

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