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Student shoots himself to death after falling in love with teacher


A private school seventh grade student in Islamabad shot himself to death in school premises. The boy resided at a small village near Tarnol, and was in the classroom when he took the gun and shot himself.

After the detailed investigations by the police, it was found that the deceased was infatuated with his teacher and wanted to marry her.

Student shoots himself to death after falling in love with teacher
Boy left this suicide letter to teacher before dying

The boy also left a suicidal note, which was written to the principal of the school:

“I cannot live without her … I love [her] very much. I wonder why these people don’t let us live. Sorry sir, I know I shouldn’t have done all this in the school, but I cannot help it, I am in love. If possible, forgive me.”

The three page long letter was written in Roman Urdu scripture, apologizing the school’s principal for suicide. He also mentioned that he did not want to die and wanted to marry the girl:

“Rescue me if possible because I do not want to die. I want to live with [her] forever… After I die, tell her that my love is real.”

The boy revealed that the pistol he shot himself with, belonged to his father and that the principal should throw it soon after his death, as to protect his father from being held accountable.

“Please do not hand over my papa to the police after my death … I will never forget this act of kindness,” the boy repeatedly asked his father to not be implicated.

Police is currently investigating, if there are any stains of criminal proceeding in the case or not. Names of the teacher and student have been reserved to protect their privacy.

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