Never-ending story of war and bloodshed in Syria

With a history as ancient as Damascus – considered to be one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world – successions of empires, sacked by myriad invaders and reduced to rubble by epic earthquakes, the tumultuous journey of what we now call ‘Syria’ is the one you can’t overlook or ignore. It still stands with thousands of old limestone houses & winding old streets, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, it is a testament to the richness of past and the resilience of its people.

From the early origins of Syria, it was a place where people grew wealthy with lavishness and affluency. A Greek dynasty descended from Alexander the Great – Allepo became the largest city and economic capital of Syria. It has become a noticeable word the world hears every day; people watch its horrible events on their TV screens, all mourn and pity the hundreds killed each day.

Everyone is asking how to stop the ongoing bloodshed? The grudges and hatred are driving the Syrians to kill their neighbours. Innocent children, their mothers and seniors are terrified, and everyone yells for mercy, pity and help; “Where are the people of the world and good men to show mercy, rescue and help!!!”.

The wind is blowing hard from everywhere, the waves are getting higher and higher, the ship is going astray, away from the shore of peace. No help from the U.N., East or West; hundreds of Syrians being killed every day.  People are becoming helpless, hopeless and desperate; there is only one hope for them to remember: GOD.

Syria! Cry out to God and you will be saved! You are in a furious storm, not a storm in a teacup but in a storm from Satan!! Cry out to God to save you physically and in spirit. Come back and believe Him! You will be saved as people and as government, there is no other way to salvation. Where is UN which was created to save sovereignty of a territory? The UN has condemned the further descent to civil war but the fighting goes on with no sign of relief for Syrians.

Syria can still be saved from the worst calamity. But this requires courage and leadership, most of all from the permanent members of the UN, including from President Putin and President of America. Only time will tell what will happen with Syria, will they be able to get over this dark patch of life and be that great Syria with rich ancient history? We pray that a time will come when peace and justice will prevail.