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The story of how this man lost his entire family will shatter your heart


The war in Syria has taken its toll on people who, day after day, are piling up the fallen bodies and bidding farewell to their loved ones. Every other story and tale you come across is more heart shattering than the previous one and is a vulnerable exposition of the cruel world we live in. And, this man’s story is no less! He lost his ENTIRE family in a minute and that too while saving other people’s life. How cruel this world could be?

This video is tear jerker and definitely an eye-opener. Where is all the media now? Where are all these big wig brands who are sponsoring terrorism in Palestine? Where are there ethics, morals and code of conducts now? This one-sided inhumane butchering wouldn’t have been possible if the insane state like Israel would have not been provided with limitless funding.

For the love of God, open your eyes and see that these people are human and they are losing their loved ones every day. With every deceased soul, the humanity is being ripped off from this world slowly.

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