#StayStrongNawazSharif becomes top trend on Twitter

Stay Strong Nawaz Sharif became the top trend on Twitter, Samaa reported on Friday.

Supporters of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family took to the social media website to express their love and support for the leader during the ongoing political crisis.

“#StayStrongNawazSharif because your party stands with you,the people stand with you and Allah is with you.”
— Zayd Hussain Nawaz S (@zayd280) July 13, 2017

“Nawaz Sharif lives in our hearts #StayStrongNawazSharif”
— Lahore – Karachi (@lahore_karachi) July 13, 2017

“Karachi-Lahore motorway#StayStrongNawazSharif”
— Astan Muhammad (@Astankhan_pmln) July 13, 2017

“Stay strong against short cutters.. #StayStrongNawazSharif”
— Kamran Taj (@Kamrantaj324) July 14, 2017

“We are with you prime minster of Pakistan ALLAH bless you #StayStrongNawazSharif”
— آصف علی سندھو (@ASIFALISANDHU) July 14, 2017

“NS stands tall and strong as nation is backing him with their love, prays and the vote. #StayStrongNawazSharif”
— Jilani GM (@JilaniGM1) July 14, 2017

“PM #NawazSharif received warmly as he entered the #PMLN parliamentary party meeting! United #PMLN stands by him !#StayStrongNawazSharif”
— AK (@Dr_Khan) July 14, 2017

“#StayStrongNawazSharif make them wonder how you’re still smiling.”
— Areej Khalid (@AreejKhalid10) July 13, 2017

“We will support U till our last breath Period! #StayStrongNawazSharif 🐅”
— Malik Farhan Pervaiz (@FarhanAries007) July 13, 2017

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