Here is how many social media users are in Pakistan & it is in

Social media is the most effective communication method around the world, especially Pakistan which has witnessed a tremendous growth in the social media users as compared to the world. However, the total number of social media accounts in Pakistan have surpassed 44 million mark. The statistics have been revealed with the help of the data gathered from different social media companies.

The PTA statistics have unveiled that Facebook has crossed the limit of 30 million users throughout the country. On the other hand, LINE has 7.1 million users alongside Instagram having 3.9 million users nationwide.

Micro-blogging site Twitter and snap sharing platform Instagram had 3.1 million users in July 2016 and 0.4 million users in January 2017, respectively.

One of the core reasons behind the strong penetration of social media in Pakistan is the introduction of 3G/4G technology in the recent era.

However, this should be kept in mind that the statistics mentioned above vary within the time period of July 2016 to January 2017. Thus, the figure mark could easily exceed the mentioned numbers.

As for the broadband subscribers, Pakistan has over 37 million mobile broadband users (MBB).