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Are you in for a social media detox?


Your social media addiction has probably gotten out of hand, lately, right? Maybe you realized it when you missed an entire conversation at brunch trying to get that perfect aerial shot of your plate. Well I don’t think it’s feasible to suggest a complete drop on your habit but if you need to go a bit, you’re going to want to do so without sending yourself into total shock and going crazy.

Here’s how to at least try to put down your phone for a while so you can start paying attention to the world around you:

  1. Put your phone away while having your meals, stay in the moment and appreciate the company at hand. There’s nothing ruder than someone who completely ignores what you say in favor of staring at their Facebook newsfeed.
  2. Don’t take your electronics to bed, that phone light has been shown to disrupt your sleep, and you know you need all the sleep you can get.
  3. Turn off your notifications. Don’t worry, they’ll still be there when you open your social media apps, you just won’t be distracted by your phone lighting up every 15 seconds throughout the day.
  4. Get up and get out. It’s much harder to check Facebook when you’re driving or watching a movie as opposed to sitting on the couch and even tougher in those places where there’s not very good cell service.
  5. Think before you stalk, it’s easy but addictive.
  6. Set social media time limits for yourself.
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