Technology is in a constant state of flux ever changing, always evolving. The world has grown so accustomed to tech and it not going to change any time soon, since technology is so infused in to our lives people are coming up with new ideas about how to use it.

Recently a company based in New-York (Shift-Wear) has made sneakers that have a TV screen , now many may assume these are some experimental shoes that may never work in practical life but i’m here to tell you otherwise.

These sleek looking sneakers have a flexible screen that bends but does not break and it has full HD colour display installed in them along with Wi-Fi and blue-tooth , its advanced wireless connectivity lets you pair and share with any device.


You can download the app and pick out the design that suits you best, and if you’re worried about how you’re going to keep the shoes clean fret not, these things are water-proof and stain, oil and dirt resistant but if you still manage to get them dirty just chuck them in to the washing machine and you’re good to go.

You can pick out six designs in countless color and you can pre-order these sneakers for a price of $500.


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