Caution! Smartphone might be causing serious diseases among youth

According to American experts, the excessive use of Smartphone is causing serious diseases among youth, including neck and backbone problems. They have hinted that the extensive use might lead to various problems that could be alarming among the youth.

Cedars Senai Medical Centre, Los Angeles conducted a research through which it was found that number of patients with backbone and neck problems are being inducted in hospitals in big numbers. But, the same study indicated that, the most alarming point of consideration is that most of these patients are youth, who by default should not have such problems in a young age.

Moreover, researchers found out that most of the people who came out with the problem were addicted to cell phone, with constant usage throughout the day. Thus, various medical researches found out that those who use mobile phone constantly have to arch their necks in a particular way, due to which their backbone passage connected through the neck has to be arched too for prolonged intervals.

To support the mentioned research, various other researchers and studies have also backed the same claim. Furthermore, it has already been cautioned that the excessive use of smartphone throughout the day can lead to early-life back and neck problems, which could be alarming for the overall health and agility of the youth.

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