Here are the six subtle signs of intelligence in ordinary people...

Have you ever wondered that all those who keep on bragging about their ‘highness’ and themselves are actually so not intelligent? The real and the most intelligent people are those who aren’t actually so vocal about it. They maintain their silence about their strengths and only speak of themselves at times when needed the most and this is what we call raw intelligence.

So, here are six subtle yet clear signs that you or the person sitting right next to you is intelligent and he or she clearly doesn’t flaunt it away!


They doubt what they know and strive what they don’t. These people are in constant acquisition of knowledge, wisdom and seek pleasure in knowing things they already know. Remember that only idiots are dead sure about the things they do and philosophies they work on in their lives.


They find pleasure in knowing things and digging deep into the realities of life. They never find it hard to acknowledge that yes we were actually unaware of the fact you are talking about.


Intelligent people don’t necessarily need to be Einstein and the likes. As per studies, people who talk a lot and people who have a kick sense of humour are more likely to be intelligent than their opposites.


It sounds trivial, but believe me those who have the authority over words tend to be the most intelligent of people. This refers to the better use of words, not difficult or big words, or the way these people structure their sentences when they speak.


The intelligent people are mature, they know when it’s time to grow up and be serious about the issues of life. Usually their sense of humour is mature and developed too.


Curiosity is entrenched into the bones of these people. People who ask smart questions are smart, they value to listen and learn. Curiosity is a key to intelligence and success.

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