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Shahid Afridi becomes the brand ambassador of UC Browser amidst PSL fever


UC Browser after its successful campaign with Mehwish Hayat in January 2017 has now bagged Boom Boom Shahid Afridi as the brand ambassador, amidst the PSL fanfare all around the country.

UC Browser’s new campaign pays an ode to the country’s love for cricket, which has been facing a tough time due to the international boycott. However, it portrays that men and women alike have been following the sports without any obstruction due to their undying love.

UC Browser’s new campaign resonates the love of cricket in this company along with honouring Shahid Afridi and his 20 glorious years of remarkable cricket journey. The campaign is worth appreciating over, as it highlights all the right emotions at right places as international cricket ban has been a major hurdle in the advent of sport in the country.

Inclusion of Shahid Afridi in the new campaign is a sign of warm welcome for all the fans, as they now connect with Boom Boom more than ever. So employing this marketing strategy has played in the favour of UC Browser. Furthermore, much to the excitement and love of fans, Shahid Afridi also announced a lucky draw through which 7 lucky winners will have a chance to win iPhone 7 and signed merchandise by the world-known player himself.

Kenny Ye, GM, Overseas Business, Alibaba Mobile Business Group, said:

“Shahid Afridi is loved by millions of cricket fans because of his skills and speed in the cricket field. With the signature cloud technology, UC Browser is the fastest mobile browser as for the downloading and browsing speed, which is similar to the “Boom Boom” factor that Afridi’s skills have known to showcase.

With the cooperation of Shahid Afridi and the effort of the product team, we hope to enhance the browsing experience during cricket season with the in-app widget of UC Browser, UC Cricket, which provides millions of Pakistani cricket fans with complete and up-to-date information including live scores, news, photos, videos, live tweets, commentaries, etc.”

UC Browser has played its successful innings. Let’s wait and see how the enthusiastic cricket fans and users respond to it.

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