A Session with Naiyar Saifi, Director Marketing - TCS Holding

With over 33 years of experience in the field of Marketing, Naiyar Saifi can easily say ‘been there, done that’.

A hardcore marketer since day one, Naiyar has marked his journey with the launch of consumer brands including time spent at Glaxo and Boots and the launch of the Greenstar program in Pakistan. Solely responsible for the new brand identity of UBL with its trademark swoosh and tag-line of ‘Where You Come First’, Naiyar has made a name for himself in the marketing and advertising world as an innovative pioneer focused on breathing new life into the brands with which he has worked. He led operations at Adetude – a full service Advertising and Marketing agency which introduced China Mobile’s Zong in Pakistan; then joined Silk Bank as the Head of Marketing & Public Relations to drive launch of the bank’s Credit Card Business. After decades of numerous accomplishments, NaiyarSaifi now holds the position of Director Marketing and Public Relations at TCS Holdings and has successfully revitalized the brand presence in the minds of the people of Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora across the world.

BM: Tell us about the growth of TCS within such a short span of time.
NS: When DHL came to Pakistan in 1981, they formed TCS to cater to the domestic courier business. After some time, DHL reverted to their focus on the international market and parted ways with TCS which became an independent entity in 1983. Starting domestically with from just six riders, the company grew and marked its name within the courier industry no time. We grew from just the consumer side to catering to the corporate sector and have grown phenomenally. After a lot of hard work, TCS now stands as Pakistan’s most recognizable and preferred courier, logistics and e-commerce provider; we now provide services to the corporate sector, SMEs and household customers. With a widespread network of 850+ outlets in over 380 cities, 525 satellite-tracked vehicles, a dedicated Boeing-737, a proficient team of more than 4,000 couriers, end to end supply chain advisory services and the fastest digital printing facility in the country, TCS leads the Pakistani courier and logistics industry in terms of both service and reliability.

BM: We all know about what TCS does in Pakistan, but what about abroad?
NS: The document and parcel delivery service market in Pakistan has seen an exciting new development recently with the announcement of the agreement between UPS (NYSE: UPS), the world’s largest express carrier and package delivery company and TCS, Pakistan’s most recognized courier, logistics and e-commerce provider. As UPS’s Authorized Service Contractor, TCS is offering international Express services to Pakistani’s globally. With immediate effect, documents, parcels and freight from across the world on the UPS network can be collected and transported to Pakistan, to be delivered through the nation’s largest distribution network of over 850 Express Centers and more than 4000 delivery professionals with the same high quality TCS service. Similarly for exports, TCS will collect directly from individuals, all sizes of companies and organizations to handover to UPS for global distribution. Through this agreement, TCS has reaffirmed its core commitment to satisfy all logistics needs for Pakistanis wherever they may be across the world.

BM: What was your first undertaking at TCS?
NS: After joining TCS the new management wanted to share with Pakistan and with the world the true scope and size of TCS and how our services touch the lives of millions of people each and every day.  For this reason, our first initiative was to develop and launch a corporate song titled ‘Laal Rang’ within just 20-25 days. This song re-associated the red color with TCS for the general public and helped re-connect them with the brand. It covered some of our key services like couriers, logistics and our key strengths like nationwide presence and our company’s face such as our couriers and vans in detail. We followed this up with the ‘We Move You Campaign’ which was launched on both print and electronic mediums and resulted in a major boost to the brand’s equity and standing in the market. Since that time, we have continued to come up with new initiatives like branded vans, social media marketing, cinema advertising etc to make the brand stand out and break the clutter in the market.

BM: What is TCS Hazir and how did you come up with such a concept? What was the reason behind it?
NS: We have always aimed to standout with our ideas and focus is on delivering the best to all customers. In line with this thought, we came up with TCS Hazir.  It started off as a pickup service through which we provided customers the option to let us pick up their packages and parcels from a place and a time of their choosing 24 hours a day. Be it rain or strike, traffic jams or night, TCS Hazir was present at customer’s doorsteps with a 60 minute notice. It was a big step and as the name promised we delivered what we intended to, which earned us quite a lot of fame and positive recognition in the market. This was followed by a 60 minute delivery service as well. We started this service with big-bang success in the last Cricket World Cup when we offered fans the option to get the Pakistan team jersey delivered to an address of their choice within 60 minutes of placing the order.

Now, we have expanded this concept into a full service concierge service which will enable people to get anything done at any time across Pakistan. Be it to obtaining your favorite food, to paying your bills, to getting something you forgot at home to your office, we will pick, deliver and procure anything and everything (halal and legal) for you and take your everyday worries off your hands.

BM: How and why did you come up with the initiative of
NS: As shared previously, we have put a lot of our attention towards innovation and strived towards being the first mover in different fields of business. Having seen a major opportunity in the growing potential of e-commerce in Pakistan, TCS initially launched an online shopping portal called ‘TCS Connect’. In 2015, we decided to rebrand our one-stop shopping solution as ‘’; which after considerable effort and sweat has become a major success story in the Pakistani ecom industry.  For this rebranding exercise we launched a nationwide advertisement campaign telling people about the benefits of online shopping and how they can utilize Yayvo to get anything and everything they want sitting in the comforts of their home.  A purely Pakistani company, run by Pakistani’s and focused on serving Pakistani’s worldwide; Yayvo has grown to challenge international conglomerates and is now the second largest online shopping channel in the country.

BM: Tell us about your customer focus?
NS: At TCS, our vision is to ‘deliver beyond customers expectations’ and one of our values is to ‘make their lives simple, easy and convenient.’ With that in mind, we don’t just work towards fulfilling customer’s requirements, we go all out to make it a WOW experience for them. For example, a customer once called in asking to order a cake for his daughter’s birthday. Rather than just getting him a cake, we helped select, purchase and deliver a customized doll-house for his daughter as a special gift from him – and the family loved it! Another example is when our courier waded through three feet of water to deliver a message to a mother from her son who was residing abroad. THAT is the TCS spirit! To do more every day and to make everything we do about the customer as a whole.