Senior journalist reveals inside government information

According to the news post of senior journalist, Javed Chaudhry, it has been reported that Haroon Rasheed has revealed the inside information of Gen Raheel Sharif’s possible extension.

As per a private news channel, during a talk show, Haroon Rasheed claimed that there are chances of such an event to take place that will divert every individual’s attention from Imran Khan’s Islamabad lock down. According to the statement by Haroon Rasheed; he claims to state that the government is thinking critically upon the extension of the Chief of Army Staff. He said that he was not making up this news but in fact had been informed by inside sources. The news of the government to announce the extension of the chief is, at the moment, 70 percent likely to be possible, with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif having thoughts of its consideration and implementation; added the senior analyst.

As a journalist and an ordinary individual, residing in Pakistan, I hope to see that the Chief takes back his decision of no extension and prolongs his duration. There is no doubt that it is because of Gen Raheel Sharif that we are living in such peace, with no more fear of terrorists and their attacks. I hope that the statement of Haroon Rasheed be proved true; for that is, what I believe, a better decision for the nation and its well-being.


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