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Science says that your Facebook status reveals the real YOU!

According to a scientific research conducted by the psychologists at Brunal University London, the personality traits and motivation of Facebook users can be analyzed and perceived according to the Facebook status they update.
The results concluded that with the total of 555 participants of Facebook users the survey measured personality traits, character and conscientiousness according to the social media statuses.

It was studied that people of lower self-esteem seem to post regular updates about their romantic life. On the other hand people who posted more about themselves and their achievements were seen to be Narcissists. Status update on diet and exercise routine aimed to gain attention towards the physical appearance of the Facebook user.

Who would have thought that a Facebook status would reveal a persons character, nature and personality traits to the person sitting on the other side of the screen.

So the next time you think of updating any status regarding your current mood always be aware of the fact that you will be judged and analyzed, personally by the readers of that status update.

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