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This school in Pakistan is teaching Chinese to more than 8000 children


Chinese or otherwise known as Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language. And, it seems that this school in Pakistan has finally understood its worth, with the increasing importance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This is why the “Roots School System,” Islamabad has made it mandatory for its students to learn Mandarin, in order to cope up with what it call a “changing world”.

From the age of 8 years old to middle school, more than 8000 children are taking Mandarin classes and that too with their utmost interest. The school and faculty is of the view that with more than 20,000 Chinese expats expected in Pakistan in the next five years, the students should learn to interact and respond to the ever changing environment and growing relationship with the country’s “all-weather friend”.

It seems that with the ever-growing friendship and business relationship between the two countries, the day isn’t far away when Mandarin would be one of the languages frequently spoken in the country and Urdu would be seeping its way to China. Till then, we desperately wait for the day when this partnership will blossom one step ahead.

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