Save the future of this country, save the brighter side of Pakistan


Bright like a sun, sensitive like a flower, strength of future, asset of nation and many more – none other than a CHILD. We say child labor is a crime, but in our country child labor is observed commonly. Child labor comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be visible or invisible. Many children work at factories, workshops, construction sites and beg on streets; this is the visible type. The invisible one is an even bigger vice as some mafias kidnap children for work and keep them away from broad day light.

Worldwide, as many as 168 million children are forced to work. Poverty is the main reason leading to child labor. Parents regard their children as additional source of income. Poverty also pressurizes parents to allow their child to beg for money. A huge number of poor parents are still not aware of the downside of child labor that affects their children in terms of their education, health and mental growth.

“Today’s investment on child is greater revenue of tomorrow.”

But who to blame, a hungry stomach has to be fed and this pushes each poor family to choose between education and food.

In Pakistan, many organization like “Child Care Foundation” and “The Citizens Foundation” are working for preventing this evil child labor but still it is growing illegally. We can fight this foul act by enabling as many children as possible to attend school and educating parents to ending up the circle of poverty. We all should come together for tracking this one of the biggest problems, “Child Labor,” and bring happiness to our child’s face and nation.