You wouldn...

You wouldn’t be able to resist laughing after watching Sarfraz Ahmed dancing in this TVC!


Sarfraz Ahmed has become the eye-candy of all within no time. Leading Pakistani Cricket team and Quetta Gladiators at once, this young captain has definitely mesmerized people with his charm. However, there is something that would churn your stomach with continuous laughter after watching Sarfraz Ahmed in this giggling avatar for Chockaa Chocolate Pan Masla by Gogo.

Watched the video? Still in shock? Before we proceed any further, please shut that hanging mouth of yours’. Sarfraz’s innocent gestures betray his dance steps, we are pretty clear on that. Period. But what made him go all “Chockaa Chockaa,” is still unclear. Without any doubt, he has made a laughing stock out of himself.

“Chockaa Chockaa Chockaa… Laga Laga Laga… Masti Ka Chockaa”

Yes, this rhythm along with Sarfraz’s priceless face expressions is still plastered¬†all over us. And Chockaa Moves by Mr. Ahmed are themselves the epitome of giggling and laughter. We are still wondering what made him go all bonkers for just a brand endorsement for Quetta Gladiators.

Nonetheless, Sarfraz is committed with his work and we are committed with him. He has become a source of laughter for us but we wish that he shouldn’t have popped our eyes out of the head with his hilarious steps, we literally had to put them back inside.

Till next time, we wish that Sarfraz’s Chockaa Chockaa… Laga Laga.. takes him to the PSL finals.

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