Samsung Electronics brings the avante-garde future of Televisions

Samsung Electronics has opened a new pathway for the future of television with its new range of QLED TV series – Q9, Q8, and Q7. Samsung highlighted its collection of QLED TVs at Samsung MENA Forum in Singapore.

Samsung has rightfully claimed that these new TV sets are first in the market, based on cutting-edge technology, and are all set to bring an unprecedented revolution in how viewers watch and experience moving pictures.

What’s the difference between Mainstream TVs and Samsung QLEDs?

Samsung Electronics brings the avante-garde future of Televisions

QLED TVs are bringing revolution to the TV industry with high brightness levels and zero colour saturation.

QLED has finer and truer colours than ever.

Narrow angles won’t make a viewing difference at all.

The Basic Features of Samsung QLED TVs:

Samsung’s new QLED lineup introduces a new era of improved colour performance, DCI-P3 colour space. Thus, these TVs will be capable of expressing all colours at all levels of brightness.

Samsung Electronics brings the avante-garde future of Televisions

With the help of Samsung Electronic’s breakthrough in the form of a Quantum Dot Material, a diverse range of colours alongside complete details will be diversified to full extent. Brightness and colour performance will go hand in hand with this new technology.

Moreover, the QLED TV will also put an end to the problems revolving around cable clutters, thick wall mounts and a horde of devices all sitting right under the TV. It has announced substitutes for all the mentioned.

Samsung Electronics brings the avante-garde future of Televisions

There will be a solo, invisible connection cable through which all the peripherals will be connected, thus no wire cluttering. There is also a “No Gap Wall Mount” which will make it easy to affix the TV against the wall.

Also, Samsung Electronics has introduced two new kind of stands; Studio Stand and Gravity Stand which resemble the name mentioned.

Pricing And Launch:

Samsung’s ode to an era of new televisions with Samsung QLED will be launched next month in Paris, while it will hit Pakistan near to this April. As for the pricing details, we do not have any clear information yet.

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