Saddam Hussein's

According to the report, Saddam Hussein- the former President of Iraq had a hidden torture facility used for the purpose of torturing and killing prisoners in the wealthy state of New York.

Located in the posh Upper East Side block of Central Park, the basement of the five-storey mission worked as the torture chamber.  The deceased president used to brutally mistreat those who were prisoners or had any sort of political affiliation. An official out of the US has disclosed;

“It was a dark room. The doors were reinforced in a way that nobody could break in or out. You didn’t need to sound proof it. You’re not going to hear someone screaming down there.”

Saddam Hussein's "secret torture chamber" found in New York

As revealed by the New York Post, the Iraqi prisoners who had fled their country for American protection were brought to the Mission of Iraq by the Agents of Mukhabarat. The land used for this purposes was considered as a part of Iraq and was immune to any sort of American laws.

After the torturous murder, bodies were secretly sent back to Iraq with no-exposure permission. Furthermore, the American authorities have revealed that the basement was a windowless room filled with rubber hoses, planks of wood and pliers.

Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006 for killing about 148 Iraqi Shi’ites.