Saba Rizwan is going to host her own show on a leading channel of Pakistan

The girl who was bashed by Sahir Lodhi is soon going to host her own show on one of the leading channels of Pakistan. The show will be aired soon after Ramazan that will be based on women empowerment, discussing issues related to women and their rights.

Saba Rizwan participated in the speech competition on Sahir Lodhi’s special Ramazan Transmission and gained popularity soon after her video got viral in which Sahir Lodhi bashed her just for the sake of TRP. Everyone came forward in support of Saba and criticized Sahir Lodhi for his remarks, which were basically pointless.

Let’s see if the show is going to get much hype. Only time will tell. For now, let’s wish Saba the best of luck for her upcoming venture.

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