Road to success…

By: Priya Navlani

How many of you have faced failure in life? I guess so many.. Everyone at some stage has experienced failure but this doesn’t mean you should act as a failure. It is something to be avoided. Failure doesn’t mean you are not capable but it means that you are trying. Failure is a first step to success.

People who are successful today have also experienced failure in life. They have obviously, but that doesn’t indicate your life has ended and you are not capable of achieving anything, but how you curb your failures, that’s what makes you successful.

We know many of them who failed miserably but were able to pick themselves up..


A well known laugh out loud zany comic who gave us some of the well known grossing comedies ceaselessly such as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and so on. But we all don’t know the story of Carry’s venture. He has brought up in a lower class family with his father struggling for jobs. He left his school at the age of 15 because his father was not able to afford that. But now we all know his later success.


Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity and was fired from his job from Kansas city star paper, making his parents and teachers prove that “he is not creative and lack creativity”. He is the man who made our childhood memorable with his anourmous creations from cartoons to theme parks and animated movies. If he had given up, things would have been far different.


Bill Gates one of the wealthiest men in the world, has agonized great failures in life.

He failed at his first business, although he didn’t give up but cleverly put together a company that restructured the personal computing marketplace. As everyone know how successful that was for him.


You all may know her as an author of a famous book of all times “Harry Potter”. But you may not know her struggles, her life was not peaches and cream and she wasn’t born with a silver spoon like many of us, She struggled tremendously.

She discarded from the college while she still was only 17 years old, at 25 her mother passed away due to complications of multiple scissors, at 26 she suffered a miscarriage, at 27 she got married but regrettably turned out to be an abusive marriage, at 28 she was divorced with severe depression, at 29 she was a single mother living on the welfare, at 30 she wanted to commit suicide. But she directed all her passion into something, she could do better then anyone else “Writing”. Initially rejected by many publishers she published her first book, at 35 she had released 4 books and was named author of the year. This women is J.K Rowling.

Remember how she considered suicide?

Failure doesn’t mean one should give up on them selves completely. Failure provides you another chance to prove yourself. So, make the best of that chance and prove yourselves.