The Richest Self-made Female Billionaires in the World

According to Global Rich List 2017, there are 88 self-made female billionaires across the world with a combined wealth of $194 billion.

The majority of self-made female billionaires are from China, with 56 individuals, while the US was in second place with 15.

Have a look at the top 9 self-made female billionaires of 2017:

1.Zhang Yin (also known as Cheung Yan) — Net worth $4.5 billion

The Richest Self-made Female Billionaires in the World

2. Peggy Cherng & husband Andrew Cherng — Net worth $4.4 billion

Cherng and her husband found their business through Panda Express in the US, which is now one of the world’s largest family-owned restaurant chains.

3. Judy Love & husband Tom Love — Net worth $4.8 billion

Judy and her husband cofounded the fuel station and services chain “Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores” in 1964, and now it has more than 420 locations in 40 states in the US.

4.Wu Yajun— Net worth $4.6 billion

The 53-year-old from China started her career as a journalist but became incredibly wealthy after founding her real estate brand Longfor.

5.Chen Chunmei & husband Gong Hongjia — Net worth $5.3 billion

The 52-year-old from China derives her wealth from one of the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products, Hikvision Digital Technology.


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