Chaiwala - A Profession that changes life!

Chaiwala – A life changing profession to some extinct. We have seen many people reaching the heights of success from the very bottom, and becoming a hot topic for the media. Some being only for a few minutes or days but, for some it is a 360 degree change in life.

As portrayed in an Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”, a boy working as a Chaiwala went on to become a Millionaire without any help or proper education; on the hot seat with no past experiences he did what many of the educated people can’t even think of.

Chai (tea) – a drink for intellectuals has been the most used drink, after water, all over the world. The craving for the most sought after drink takes people to hotel or dhabaas just to make sure that they feel active, as the chai slurps down their throat hitting the deepest part of minds to keep them going.

From a movie to real life, a boy born in 1950 worked as a tea seller on his father’s tea stall and later on had his own tea stall. Any guesses? Narendra Damodardas Modi – a politician and current prime minister of India. From a tea-boy to the most powerful man in India, from being neglected to having an invitation to visit number 1 entity in digital era,”Google”.

Moving from India to Pakistan, we have recently seen Chaiwala Arshad Khan becoming the social media sensation with just 2 pictures taken by a local Islamabad photographer. Just two pictures made him talk of the town all over the country, and internationally as well. Chaiwala who had been making tea since long but was neglected, however as soon as the picture went viral girls started drooling over this young lad. From not having even an email account to having official pages on social media, from a tea-boy to the internet sensation – a single click changes the life of a mere Chaiwala.

Thus, in the recent past we have seen two major examples that being a Chaiwala is not a neglected profession at all. Yet, all you need is luck and some will to change your life.