President Trump's bad decisions

Once again Donald Trump has made a decision that has blown up in his face. The decision to back Saudi Arabia’s attempt to isolate Qatar on the world stage is the latest of Mr.Trump’s blunders.

It was clearly not supposed to be US policy to support Saudi Arabia against Qatar. Mr.Trump could have at least considered the fact that Qatar hosts America’s largest military base in the Middle East. Qatar has also invested billions of dollars in the United States. Unsuprisingly Mr.Trump was not even aware of these major facts.

What this indicates is that the United States has become a client State of Qatar , if you disagree with this statement , consider that in handling the political fallout of his much publicized tweet in which he took credit for the Saudi-Qatar fallout and labeled Qatar a sponsor of terrorism. Mr.Trump called the Emir of Qatar on Wednesday to offer “to help the parties resolve their differences including through a meeting at the White House if necessary”

But Saudi Arabia’s response, courtesy of it foreign minister  was to state the following ” We have not asked for meditation, we believe this issue can be dealt with among the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council”

I have seen that the United States has a tendency to interfere with other countries problems. I don’t know why they think they are the saviours of the world , which can not be further from the truth. America needs to solve its own problems first (which are massive) before they start trying to help others.

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