President and CEO of Faysal Bank steps down from his position

According to the sources, President and CEO of Faysal Bank, Mr. Nouman Ansari, has stepped down from his position. Though his term had been completed, the bank had also offered him with an extension.

Mr. Ansari went ahead with the negotiations, but later decided to step down from the leadership of the bank. For now, it is being said that the bank management will announce an Acting President, before coming up with a name as full time CEO and president.

As far as Mr. Nouman Ansari is concerned, he had been working with Faysal Bank for more than a time period of nine years. Before taking over the bank as CEO for the past three years, he was the head of corporate and investment bank. With his career spanning over 23 years, with banks in Pakistan and abroad, it seems that Mr. Nouman has now decided to part ways with banking sector after enjoying peak in success for a long time.

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