PIA takes an epic dig on world's leading international airlines & the reason is totally justified!

Just earlier this week, US President Donald Trump’s administration imposed a complete ban on passengers from carrying large electronic devices in eight leading airlines. And now, Pakistan International Airlines has found a perfect way to pay back to the US President and his petty ban.

Seizing the golden opportunity to get its brand promotion and marketing strategy straight, PIA took a dig at airlines. Here is what message it had to convey:


Trump has imposed this pathetic ban on Muslim majority 8 countries from South & North of America and Middle East. On the other hand, no American passenger would have to face the same brainless barring of carrying large electronic devices. At least 12 airlines have been affected by this ban with the implementation of this restriction 10 airports in 8-Muslim countries and 3 in African countries. Following Trump’s steps, UK also banned Muslims from carrying large electronic devices from 6 Muslim countries.

Well, we could seriously appreciate Pakistan International Airlines to bring about a great strategum to troll all the international airlines out there, following the nonsensical footsteps of Trump.