PIA crew detained after the aircraft landed at Heathrow Airport

According to sources at the British Home Office, 13 crew members of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-785 which had arrived from Islamabad were detained at the Heathrow Airport on Monday.

The crew members were reportedly kept in detention for straight five hours.

According to UK Border Agency (UKBA) sources, information had been received from Pakistan that there were narcotics on board the flight. According to the information, there was suspicion that the crew might be involved and the narcotics were hidden in different panels and areas of the plane.

However, the National Crime Agency and UKBA agents, after searching the plane for approximately four hours, did not find anything. The crew was released at 2 AM (GMT) after being questioned, but their passports were withheld by the UKBA, which stated that further questioning might take place. According to UKBA officials, the inquiry is still ongoing and after they are satisfied the next steps will be announced regarding whether the passports would be released or charges filed.

In a statement, the Metropolitan police said action against PIA crew members was taken by the UKBA, which is directly dealt by the Home Office.

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