PIA CEO and Chief Coordinator involved in huge scam - PIA Board

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) board of directors has decided to take a departmental action against its Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bernd Hildenbrand.

The decision has been taken after a report was presented by PIA chairman in the 11th Meeting of Board of Directors of PIA. The meeting was chaired by Acting Chairman Mr. Muhammad Irfan Elahi on 18th April.

The report revealed the purported stances of corruption, hinting at the sale of an old aircraft Airbus A310 to a German Museum at a disposable price.

The sources have affirmed that during the meeting, directors decided to issue a show-cause notice to all the high-ranking officials who have been found to involved in the illegal selling of Airbus A310. The report revealed that CEO Bernd Hildenbrand and his former Chief Coordinator Halmet Bechofiz were both involved in this deal.

The management had appointed Halmet Bechofiz as technical adviser to PIA on October, 2016. The appointment had come after the recommendation of CEO Bernd Hildenbrand. Apart from working in PIA, Halmet Bechofiz was also the director of a German Museum which bought the Airbus A310 at a throwaway price.

After this scandal surfaced, Halmet Bechofiz was removed from his post and he went back to Germany. On the other hand, Bernd Hildenbrand was sent on forced leave with his name already included in the Exit Control List.

Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) is conducting a detailed investigation on this huge scam in PIA.

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