PIA suffers major blow as aircraft for premier service returned to Sri Lanka

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suffered a great setback as its move to bring premier service aircraft from Sri Lanka has been shelved. The management of the national airliner is returning the aircraft back to the country, dissipating the federal government’s intentions to bring a major change in the national aviation sector.

Airbus-330 was initially bought on lease with a payment of over $19 million to Sri Lankan authorities as a contract of wet leave for the span of six months. Moreover, during its initial functioning, the stats have revealed that each flying hour of the Sri Lankan Airbus costed PIA more than $8 thousands. According to PIA’s spokesperson, the aircraft was bought on market rates and no lavish expenditure had been done.

The reason behind this move has been revealed, as seat and load plan for London could not function per the initial plans.

PIA acquired three A-330s from Sri Lanka on wet lease in August 2016, to revive the national airliner’s integrity among the other countries. However, it seems that no matter what they do the move turns out to be a great loss.

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