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Pervez Musharraf calmly bashes Indian anchor over wrong facts once again


Former Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf might be in odds with the ruling elite of Pakistan, but he has always come up front whenever the situation revolves around the pride of this country. We have previously seen him defending Pakistan with calm grace, while Indian enemies have been left fuming over his gentlemanly stance. Here, once again, Musharraf has bashed and grilled Indian media to perfection with his graceful attitude, leaving the anchor fuming over his extremely wrong facts in return.

The conversation started with the terrorism breeding of Kulbushun Yadav and later took a very interesting turn:

The debate which started over Kulbushan Yadav went on to Kargil war, in which India had to face serious defeat but it is still not standing up to the obvious fact. The anchor accused Musharraf of being a spy on which he gave a crisp answer, stating that we all know what happened with India in Kargil war and how much it suffered from the hands of Pakistani forces.

He further reveled that India had to send foreign emissaries multiple times during the war, in order to convince Pakistan to back off before Indians suffer any more damage.

He further said that whenever something happens India takes it to the level of hysteria in front of its public, which is terrible as it creates enmity between the two countries.

No matter how much Indian anchor tried to be aggressive on Former General Pervez Musharraf, he stayed calm and replied to all the things in a very befitting manner. Politics and diplomacy aside, Musharraf has once again made Pakistan extremely proud on an international platform.

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