The perfect c...

The perfect corporate attire


First impressions tend to last a while and can be hard to shake off. When it comes to work and business, it definitely pays to find out about the company’s culture and dress code and determine how people at your level dress. A tip for dressing for job interviews is to dress as one would for a client meeting: a little more formally than day-to-day business wear. This will help project an attitude of confidence and professionalism.

Clothing and accessories should be neat, smart and subtle. This also applies to hairstyle and perfume. Do not let the interviewer be sidetracked by showy apparel. They should be paying attention to your answers to their questions. Especially women should make sure that their Hairstyles should be well-groomed and tidy. Don’t use a style that allows hair to hang in front of your face as the constant brushing away motions can be distracting. Clothing should be laundered and ironed. Always make sure that it fits properly and that adjustments are not needed when sitting, walking or leaning over. Carry either a handbag or a briefcase, but not both.

For men a suit in shades of black, gray or dark blue, in either a solid color or with pinstripes is acceptable for formal business-wear. The shirt should be a light color or a crisp white when the suit is dark. The sleeves of the shirt and blazer should reach the wrist.

A general rule of thumb is to always dress slightly above the position that you are currently in or one that you may be interviewed for. This conveys to the interviewer that the candidate is serious about the position and can be counted on to appear professionally in the job.

Although there is no law that addresses specific dress code violations, companies are permitted to enforce dress codes among employees both for work place safety as well as a business interest.

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