People die, but their brain activity continues - Study

According to a new study, your brain activity continues for more than 10 minutes after the body appears to have died.

Canadian doctors observed a person who was declared dead, his brain was observed and it was confirmed that a person’s brain continues to work even after their death.

Doctors confirmed their patient was dead through a range of the normal observations, which include the absence of a pulse and nonreactive pupils. But tests showed that the patients’ brain appeared to keep working.

In a study doctors reported that they had seen “single delta wave bursts persisted following the cessation of both the cardiac rhythm and arterial blood pressure (ABP)”.

There are also reports which shows the activity in most patients who die off before their heart stopped beating. But all of their brains behaved different in the minutes after they died; adding further mystery to what happens to them after death.

The purpose of the activity is still not known. But they write that it is difficult to think the activity was the result of a mistake, given that all of the equipment appeared to be working fine.

“We did not observe a delta wave within 1 minute following cardiac arrest in any of our four patients,” they write in the new study.

What happens to the body and mind after death remains almost entirely mysterious to scientists.

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