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PEMRA Imposes 45 Days Ban on Dr. Shahid Masood


PEMRA has suggested for a 45 days ban on a private TV channel broadcasting the show, “Live with Dr Shahid Masood,” which has said to telecast accusations and allegations against the Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court.

The concerned authority has approved the suggestion of the council onto which the ban will be commenced from August 15. The meeting of the PEMRA Complaints Council was held at the Regional Office of the PEMRA with Professor Inam Bari in the chair. According to the suggestions of PEMRA, senior journalist – Dr. Shahid Masood  has been banned to appear on the ARY TV channel as an anchor, analyst, guest in any news bulletin, program or the normal telecasts or in any other recorded program.

The council also demanded the concerned channel authorities to telecast an apology at the end of the ban period which will be on September 29, in the same program the allegations were stated. In order to implement a proper code of conduct, the channel is also  directed to install within 30 days a delay system, form a review committee and activate it. The council also directed the officers of the PEMRA to inspect after 30 days any channel and report it.

In case of repetition of such an error by a TV channel or for not implementing the orders, the council also proposed to cancel the licence of that channel under Section 30 of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002, PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007.