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VIDEO: Patient loses life after the Doctor gave a wrong injection


A patient died out of the hands of Doctor’s negligence in one of the most reputed private hospitals of Pakistan, in Karachi. Though the details haven’t been cleared yet, the patient was given a wrong injection which led to the loss of his life.

The family of the patient narrated the incident in the following video, documented by an eyewitness, in which they have accused the hospital administration for not taking care of the patient professionally.

Here is the complete video:

The video is alarming and eye-opening in itself, how a hospital with such a prestigious name can risk lives of the patients is unfathomable. Such private hospitals are well-known for their treatments and the lump of money they take to cure patients. However, acting so carelessly and abandoning the patient and family after death proves the high level of prejudice that is being committed by these institutes.

The relative of the patient also showed the ID of the accused doctor and revealed that she was vanished soon after family of the deceased started to take an action.

VIDEO: Patient loses life after the Doctor gave a wrong injection
Screengrab from the video showing hospital ID of the accused Doctor.

However, we can still give the benefit of doubt here, and question the administration as to what their stance is on this matter. If the injection was used by mistake or it had any unknown adverse effect on the patient remains to be acknowledged. Till then, people can only blame the management and administration for committing such a negligent attitude.

It’s high time that we raise voice against the factors that are killing people for the sake of money. People do not want to lose their lives from the messiah of the public, after paying hefty amounts of money. We demand an immediate action to be taken along with a complete reply from the administration of the hospital clearing their position on the matter.


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