Palestine, your Careem is here!
Careem is known to set-up in regions where mobility is severely constrained and has limited economic opportunity for a talented and driven workforce. And calling upon such circumstances, one can only think of a country like Palestine.

So, while building an organization that would use mobility as a force of good and creating millions of jobs opportunities with dependable transport medium for people, this time Palestine’s captain has finally arrived.

Careem’s entry into Palestine is in line with the commitment to bettering the region and their dedication to creating opportunities. Careem aims to enhance the captains’ lives through enriching training and growth opportunities, alongside giving them a platform through which they can offer services respectably and seamlessly to people that need them. This will help Careem in fulfilling their aim of creating one million jobs in the region by 2018.

At the same time, the organization aims to shine a light on Palestine as an opportunity for investment by other startups and local businesses. Palestine is home to amazing tech talent; however, few companies outside Palestine take advantage of this fact.

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