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Pakistan’s work from home culture.

Pakistan’s (Work From Home) concept and culture is pretty much different as compared to rest of the world.

Work from home is also referred as remote working or future of work. It went to a highest peak of preference since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in early months of the year 2019.

It was widely experienced that companies and organizations from all around the work started adopting work from home as all the companies, businesses, factories, workplaces and etc went in to a complete lockdown.

Most of the companies in Pakistan started adopting work from home procedures, in order to promote social distancing and prevent coronavirus spread and contractions.

Therefore,  during this span of time most of the companies had to face lot of hassle, confusions and delays in their work. Since Pakistanis are not so use to doing work from home. Therefore, they were not able to do their work on time or appropriately as required.

As most of the people in Pakistan live in joint families unlike people living in the west, due to which most of the time when the people started doing work from their personal living space like; bedroom, lounge or in other parts of their house they had multiple interactions and get disturbance from their family members which further led towards incorrect work submissions or delays.




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