Pakistani women top the charts in “Accessing Explicit Content on Mobiles” worldwide

Renowned explicit and mature content website reveals its most shocking traffic stats that claim Pakistani women to be highest viewership throughout the world.

According to the report published by the website – “Countries with the Largest Proportion of Mobile Use by Women”, has revealed that the highest ratio is of Pakistani women who visit the website with clear-cut content on mobile phones is 86%.

The reports hen conclusively reveals that Pakistani ladies are more likely to access mature content on mobile, as compared to that from desktops or other devices.

Moreover, Pakistan is said to be one of world’s top most countries where women access explicit content on mobile devices.

In fact, the total ratio of men accessing these websites from mobile phones is 12% lower than that accessed by Pakistani women. Whereas, 74% of Pakistani men access the website with explicit content on their mobile phones.

Pakistan is followed by Malaysia, ranked on the 7th position with neighbouring country India on the 5th position. The list is topped by South Africa, followed by the US and then the UK.

The published report however does not mean that Pakistani women access these types of websites a lot, instead it’s just that when they do, it’s on mobile most of the time.

Moreover, the ratio of women visiting porn websites on mobile phones is higher globally.

According to the same report, the proportion of Pakistani female visitors is very low. Below is a detailed global graph that shows a comparison of female traffic from Pakistan against the rest of the world:

According to the above graph, female traffic from Pakistan is around or less than 10%.

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