Pakistani student 'Momin Saqib' becomes the first Non-European President of KCL

Pakistani student, Momin Saqib, has made history by becoming the first ever non-European national to become president of the prestigious King’s College London (KCL) student union for one year.

Momin Saqib, who belongs to Lahore, is the first non-EU president of the KCL student union in the 144 years long history of the renowned college. He is a student of BSC Computer Science & Management and will be representing 30,000 students in his role as president of the union.

In competition of 6,200 students in the elections, Momin got more than 2200 votes and gained victory over the seven competing candidates.

He is the first Pakistani to win this honour in the 144 years long history of the British college.

The new student leader plans to take entire year off to rise to the occasion in his role as the president of the KCL student union.

We congratulate Momin Saqib and wish him all the best for the future.

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