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This video of Pakistani soldier showing food served proves why Pakistan is better than India


It was just a month or two back that a video of Indian soldier went viral all across the web, proving how brutal and heartless India is. The video depicts the Indian soldier pleading for attention for the food they were being served on the border. Now, proving the might and rules inflicted in the core of Pakistan, a video of Pakistani soldier is breaking the internet for all the right reasons. Here it is:

As seen in the video, this valiant soldier posted on the border compared the food provided to them to their Indian counterparts. He shows all the food sent to them and states that each and everything they got is fresh and hot and spans over a different variety; Naan Channay, Halwa, Omlet and Tea.

He further appreciated the Pakistan Army and reveals that their commander makes necessary arrangements and ensure that the food they get remains hot and fresh.

This proud man on the border also expressed his resentment on the treatment and behaviour being inflicted on the Indian soldiers, and requested the government to let them share their food with the brothers across the border.

In the end, the Pakistani soldier also rebuked the action taken by Indian Army and government, over the video exposed by the soldier. He demands them to pardon the soldier who has done nothing but exposed the truth.