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CCTV Footage: A Pakistani mobile phone brand explodes!


It is a no brainer that when it comes to security and safety, even high tech brands like Samsung and iPhone have failed their loyal clients; whatever the reason might be. Jumping in the fad, a Pakistani mobile phone brand G5 exploded while being repaired at a shop.

The incident happened at a local shop based in Saima Driven Mall, Karachi.

As you can clearly see in the CCTV footage, the repairman had the G5 mobile opened and was mending the battery.

While people have been commenting on how incompetently the repairman was handling the phone, it is a point to ponder over that the smartphones have become so sensitive to external handling. Be that as it may, the increasing use of technology is leading us towards the impairment in everyday life. Are we really getting what we pay for?

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if G5’s management and authorities can come out with some laudable explanation or not. Till then, let’s pray that these smartphone exploding incidents do not happen frequently as they may lead to severe injuries and destruction of property, too.

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