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Pakistani doctor banned from practicing medicine in UK


Dr. Gohar Rahman a Pakistani cardiologist, has been banned from practicing medicine for a year, in UK. The ban took place on account of him beating his teenager daughter for disagreeing on attending a Halloween party.

His daughter had gone to a Halloween party, informing her father that she was going to a friend’s house and that she would be back by 9:30pm. When the party ended she was still out for the night and slept over at a male friend’s house.

Its been reported, Rahman and his wife picked their daughter up the next morning. While they were coming back home, Rahman held her daughter’s hair and banged her head on the back of the passenger seat. He continued beating her, kicking and slapping her while she fell on the floor. The daughter said; she remembers being hit with a shoe and was assaulted.

The daughter called the police through SOS message on social media using a Nintendo DS.

Earlier in February, Rahman was given a 10 month suspension at Liverpool Crown Court, where he was instructed to complete 100 hours unpaid work after he was found responsible for being physical.

Doctor banned from practicing medicine for beating his daughter