Pakistan win the finale of Champions Trophy 2017 against arch rivals India

So the day is finally here. Pakistan has won the finale of Champions Trophy 2017 against India.

Previously Indians were making fool of our players. Even Rishi Kapoor came up with his tweets. But the result is finally here.

People are going crazy after the victory of Pakistan. As it is also Father’s Day today, many people came up with statements like Happy Father’s Day India.

Rishi Kapoor came up with his recent tweet:


He says: “Yes Pakistan, you have defeated us. Well played, outplayed us in all departments. Many congratulations, I concede. Best wishes”

Soon after the team won the match, Army Cheif announced to send the Pakistani team for Umrah. This is one of the biggest gift for Pakistani team.

Well at the end of the day its just a game and one has to win and the other one loses. But this time this victory is massive so once again Congratulations to the entire team of Pakistan. We are proud of you.

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