Pakistan may not be as active as the other countries ruling the space, but it has definitely started to make its impact in the astrological world. As per the recent news, Pakistan has got its largest telescope in Islamabad.

The telescope is located on the well-known Institute of Space Technology’s (IST) owned building. The telescope is capable of looking up to stars and galaxies which are about 2 million light years away. The area has been kept open for the students and researchers, whereas, normal people would have to get a special permission to visit the station. The observatory is just 17 kilometers away from Islamabad’s Zero Point.

Pakistan gets largest telescope, capable of zooming space to Earth

A research assistant at IST, Waqas Zubairi, revealed that the functional telescope installed is the largest, and has about a 0.4 meter mirror. Dr. Fazeel Mahmood Khan, supervisor of the facility, explained that there are several research projects going on in collaboration with different international partners. Some of the projects include observing extra-solar planets (planets outside of our solar system), binary stars (systems with 2 stars at their core), gas clouds which lead to the birth of stars and galaxies among several others.

Dr. Fazeel further said;

“These national and international facilities are a key to our graduate programme in astronomy and astrophysics. The programme was launched with the intent to enter, at some point, the elite class of nations that are exploring the mysteries of deep space and the universe.”