Pakistan to introduce energy labelling on fans in 2017

The government has decided to take steps for energy labelling and standardization, after it was pointed out that the country was being a dumping ground for the obsolete local and imported electricity products.

The government first made an energy efficiency policy then it converted ENERCON into National Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (NEECA) and then energy efficiency standards were worked out, the sources said, adding that JICA helped a lot in the process. The NEECA is still working without a full time head and requires a more professional human resource to implement energy labeling regime in the country, he added.

According to industry estimates, Pakistan manufactures more than 8 million fans and 194 million light bulbs every year. An average locally manufactured ceiling fan consumes 85 to 150 watts. This is enormous as compared to world benchmark, the source said, adding that the standard under the new energy labeling regime has benchmarked it between 60-70 watts.

The energy labelling standard will be implemented all across the electric appliances sector within the next few years.

The implementation of labelling was prepared with the help of Japanese JICA. Initially, some of the industrial units opposed energy label regime which they termed as an increase in their cost of production.

Out of 250 fan manufacturing units in the country, only three, GFC, Super Asia and Starco, opted voluntarily to implement these standards. They were gradually joined by a group of eight other major players. They will now together launch an energy labelling campaign in fan manufacturing by the mid-February, a source said.

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