Pakistan to end 2-year BA, BSc, MA, MSc degrees: HEC

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced to demolish the system of covering BA/BSc and MA/MSc programmes in 2 years, from academic years 2018 and 2020.

According to the curricular sent to all universities in Pakistan, HEC said that the decision was made after thorough discussion and that no university will be allowed to offer 2-years duration degree for BA, BSc, MA and MSc.

The committee devised by HEC itself, compromising of experts from different universities has brought about a mechanism to accommodate existing BA/BSc students into 4-year BS programs.

After a thorough analysis over the BA/BSc programs of different universities, the acclaimed Committee proposed a bridging semester as a foundation for those students entering the fifth semester of a 4-year program. Thereafter they will be able to complete the remaining four semesters in years to attain a BS Degree.

However, if by any means the student plans to drop and exit after two years, he/she will be rewarded NYC a two years Associate Degree.

Nonetheless, there will be no admission in BA, BSc programmes after 2018 and MA, MSc programmes after academic year 2020.

In reference to the above mentioned subject, HEC has issued an official letter to all concerned institutions for the students to stand and avoid any effective sudden move. HEC said that move was made primarily due to the fact that most of universities in Pakistan offer 4-year BS and BSc (Hons) programmes, involving 16 years of education. However, others offer BA, BSc degrees involving 14 years of education.

Similarly there are some universities offering MS/M.Phil and MSc (Hons) with eighteen years of education, while others offer MA, MSc with 16 years of education.

HEC said that to avoid any confusion among employers, national, international organizations and community as well, HEC decided to streamline the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

HEC said that matter was taken up in a meeting of the “commission” and was approved as a policy.

Pakistan to end 2-year BA, BSc, MA, MSc degrees: HEC

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