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Pak-India borders now secure…

A laser wall is a mechanism to detect objects passing the line of sight between the laser source and the detector. A laser beam over a river sets off a loud siren in case of a breach.
As of now, only 5-6 out of around 40 vulnerable points are covered by laser walls. This beam over the river sets off a loud siren in the case of a breach.

The suspected infiltration point of Ujj river in Bamiyal used by the six Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists before storming the Pathankot air base was not covered by a laser wall.A camera to keep watch over the 130-metre-wide river bed was found to be not recording the footage. BSF has covered this stretch by putting up a laser wall last week before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Pathankot air base on January 9.
The border guarding force had started putting up laser walls on unfenced riverine stretches of international border last year in Jammu sector, which was more prone to terrorist intrusions till three terrorists carried out attack in Gurdaspur in Punjab in July last year.

The terrorists are believed to have entered India five kilometres downstream of Bamiyal near the Tash border outpost – a riverine point not covered by a laser wall as well.


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