First Orange Line Metro train in Lahore rolls out production line

The first of 27 designed trains for the Orange Line Metro project in Lahore rolled off the production line in central China’s Hunan Province. As per the official sources, the train with five coaches designed for the 25.58 km Orange Line Metro was being produced by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd.

As far as the refurbishments of the Metro train is concerned, an energy-saving air-conditioning system has been set throughout the compartments. The setup has been done owing to the extreme summers in the country and the way that traveling has become difficult for the people. The engineers have also revealed that apart from the air-conditioning, heat-resistant bogies are also present to increase the durability.

As far as the design of the first ever Pakistani Orange Line Metro is concerned, it combines the shape of Badshahi Mosque’s dome with the national flower of Pakistan.

As far as the operations of the train are concerned, it will be delivered in July with the maximum operational speed of nearly 80 km per hour. The other 26 trains will be handed over to concerned authorities nearly by the end of this year.

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