There is an island between the Bay of Bengal,Myanmar and Indonesia on this isolated little island, there is a tribe, the Sentinelese tribe. These people are one the last stone age tribes on Earth, what makes these people particularly different from other such tribes is their tendency to protect their culture  with extreme violence and the fact that they have not had any meaningful contact with the outside world their culture has been completely untouched by modern civilization.

Though the island formally belongs to India no one visits or approachs the island the reason being the island people’s extreme violence and hostility, anybody who has dared to com ashore the island is attacked or killed without question. In 1896 an indian convict escaped from prison but was grounded on North Sentinel on a makeshift raft. The result? his body was found a few days later on a beach, perforated by arrows and with his throat cut. There has only been one case where a man survived a fishermen reportedly stepped foot on the island in close proximity to the tribe’s members, and he managed to leave with his life.

A shipwreck resulting from a clash with the clanspeople can be seen from Google Maps Survival International, which advocates for tribal peoples’ rights, describes the Sentinelese as ‘the most vulnerable society on the planet’ as they are likely to have no immunity to common diseases such as flu and measles.

The Sentinelese are  have lived on the island for 60,000 years. After this immense period of time in isolation, it’s no surprise that they are so hostile to outsiders, which may be due to past conflicts with the outside world.Due to the inability to study the tribe and the island, we don’t know much about them. It is estimated that the tribes people are between 50 and 400 and they survive exclusively by hunting and gathering. Their drive to protect their culture from the outside world is probably the reason they have survived in isolation for so many years. Who knows how long they will manage to live in the middle of the ocean without having the slightest interest in the “civilized” rest of the world. And maybe being without contact with us is a good thing.





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