One brand strategy; Coca-Cola sees 'green shoots' of recovery

Coca-Cola, after a turmoil in its business, is finally heading towards a green zone due to the execution of new ‘one brand’ strategies. It means that the company is now focusing on the implementation of marketing on one brand. Moreover, it’s recent ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign; asserts marketing all the sub-brands in the same banner.

At the beginning of 2016, the drinks giant got through a paradigm shift in its marketing strategy to appeal consumers more about its Diet Coke, Life Variants, and Zero Sugar. The basic concept behind the new stratagem was to combine all the Coke products under one banner so that there might be no inter-business competition, and to tackle the health concerns.

With the advent of new procedures and brainstorming of new ideas, this year become a good in terms of business for the company. It introduced a solo visual identity system supported by the brands’ ‘Red Disc’, marking becoming the first time in Coca-Cola’s 130-year history that Coke’s packaging has been shared across all media and trademark products. The company also launched a £10m advertising push and rebrand of Coke Zero, now known as Coke Zero Sugar, to better communicate its no sugar credentials.

James Quincy, president and chief operating officer, Coca-Cola stated during a Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference;

“The early signs from the data are starting to look very encouraging, especially in those places where we launched first and we launched the fastest and the hardest, and we see encouraging results in terms of retail sales growth of the Coca-Cola brand in total.

“So green shoots on the ‘Taste the Feeling’ and the one brand graphical look, which have been launched only in May. It is a little early to work out what’s happening there, but both of them are looking promising.”

Apart from the soft drinks, Coca Cola is also working on growing its sports drinks, water, juice, and read-to-drink sector.